Thursday, August 18, 2011


So I have been told that I have been too quiet and I need to update you all on how the writing is going. Hmmmm... Well it is going. Slowly. But I am still working on the Harry Potter fic starring Draco and Hermione that I blogged about previously. The first 10 chapters are being preread and it's looking like it's going to be a longer story than I thought. Possibly needing to be split in to two separate stories by the look of the plot.

Real life has been literally kicking my ass lately between trying to sell our house and move, my sister passing away at 31, going back to work for my husband after he had to fire two of his employees, getting another job (bringing the grand total up to 3 for those of you that are counting) and still dealing with the day to day crap that everyone has. This means that I have been reluctant to publish anything because I would hate to leave a story hanging.

Time to write is at a premium right now but stuff IS getting written. Initial feedback on the HP fic is positive. I have also been working on a couple other things including an original story and a Chronicles of Riddick fic (don't ask where that one came from - cause I got no idea).

But rest assured stories are in the works and will be posted eventually.

Thats it for now. I'm being called back to work. Later!