Sunday, November 20, 2011

Learning to Live Again

Hello All!

Well the first five chapters of my new story have been posted and to date 205 of you have left reviews.

LTLA has had a very emotional impact on many of you, moreso than I ever imagined it would. Reading many of your reviews choked me up and I am so very awed at the courage so many of you have. Many of you are the family or friends of service men and women, and for many of you this story hits close to home. When I started to write this story I honestly didn't think of the impact it might have, it was just a plot line that refused to leave me alone until I started writing.

As I get farther and farther into the story, and Jasper reveals more of the circumstances surrounding the roadside bomb that sent him and Peter to the hospital, I find myself more and more aware of the sensitivity of the subject matter.

It seems that chapter 6 is shaping up to be one of the most emotionally gripping chapters I have ever written. I will be having someone who used to be in the Army pre-read it for me and offer her opinion. I will also be prefacing the chapter with a strong warning that I hope doesn't get ignored.

The next chapter should be up in a few days.